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Posters are on display in the conference Gather.Town space for the entire duration of the Conference.

Posted IDAuthorPoster Title
A1Valerio FaraoniTurnaround physics beyond spherical symmetry 
A2Niklas BeckerCosmological Constraints on multi-interacting Dark Matter – How Dark is Dark Matter?
A3Anupam RayProbing Ultralight Primordial Black Holes as a Dark Matter Candidate
A4Ravi kumar sharmaNonthermal hot DM from early matter dominated epoch and S_8 anomaly
A5Jillian PaulinThe Effect of Stellar Velocity on Dark Matter Capture and Detection with Pop III Stars
A6Tanmay Kumar PoddarProbing light dark matter particles from astrophysical experiments
A7Ji-Seon SongFlux-mediated dark matter
A8Aditya ParikhExploring the Co-SIMP Dark Sector
A9Marcos M. CueliDirect and robust observational constraints on the halo mass function
A10Jinsu KimA multi-component SIMP model with dark U(1)
A11Zhichao (Carton) ZengCore-collapse, evaporation and tidal effects: the life story of an self-interacting dark matter subhalo
A12Ashadul HalderExploring multimessenger signals from heavy dark matter decay with EDGES 21-cm result and IceCube
A13Maxim LaletinDark matter freeze-in from semi-production
A14Rupa BasuProbing of Dark Matter Candidate in the Context of 21-cm Cosmology
A15David JacksonDark Matter and the Standard Model from Different Sectors of Extra Dimensions
A16Lingyuan JiWave Dark Matter Non-minimally Coupled to Gravity
A17Roland AllenA dark matter WIMP that can be detected and definitively identified with currently planned experiments
A18Linda CarpenterDark Flux, A New Tool for Indirect Detection Studies
A19David EllisUnderstanding Axion Miniclusters: Formation and observational signatures
A20Krzysztof JodlowskiSelf-interacting dark matter from late decays and the H0 tension
A21Devabrat MahantaLow scale Dirac leptogenesis and dark matter with enhanced dark radiation
A22Ashadul HalderBounds on abundance of primordial black hole and dark matter from EDGES 21-cm signal
A23Birendra Dhanasingham A glimpse into the dark universe via effective gravitational lensing.
A24Gh. SalehNew Explanation for Dark Matter and Dark Energy
B1Minxi HeReheating Process in Mixed Higgs-R^2 Inflation Model
B2Eemeli TombergTachyonic preheating in plateau inflation
B3Yuichiro TadaProbability density functions of coarse-grained curvature and density perturbations in stochastic inflation
B4Takumi HayashiVacuum decay with the Lorentzian path integral
B5Lintao TanQuantum Gravitational Corrections to Gravity during Inflation
B6Andreas MantzirisCosmological implications of EW vacuum instability: constraints on the Higgs-curvature coupling from inflation
B7Anna SochaReheating in non-standard cosmological scenarios
B8Danilo ArtigasHamiltonian formalism for perturbation theory and the Separate Universe approach
B9Vesselin GueorguievScale Invariance, Horizons, and Inflation
B10Tiago GonçalvesCosmology in scalar-tensor f(R,T) gravity
B11Snehasish BhattacharjeeGravitational baryogenesis in extended teleparallel theories of gravity
B12Kazuharu BambaAutonomous system analysis for a Bianchi-I universe in f(R) gravity
B13Yiming ZhongPrecision Calculation of the Inflation Correlators at One Loop
B15Kylar L GreeneHubble distancing: Focusing on distance measurements in cosmology
B16Edward BassoGravitational Particle Production Using Adiabatic Invariants
B17Carlos Roberto de Melo CarneiroConstraining General Relativity at z <= 0.3
C1Yanlong ShiConstraining neutrino species with bispectrum of large scale structures
C2Shivam PandeyConstraints on cosmological parameters and galaxy bias models from galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing
C3Ivelin GeorgievImpact of the Mean Free Path on the Large Scale 21-cm Power Spectrum from Reionization
C4Zhenyuan WangRecovering the large-scale density modes from the scalar-type clustering fossils
C5Ryuichiro HadaBAO distance measurement using an iterative reconstruction method
C6Roohi DalalDebiasing Ultra-Large Scale Cosmology
C7Umut Emek DemirbozanCMB Lensing Imprint of Cosmic Voids
C8Stephen StopyraNew probes of the non-linear universe
C9Joseph KuruvillaConstraining neutrino mass using three-point mean relative velocity statistics
C10Jiamin HouAnalytical Gaussian covariance for isotropic N-Point correlation function
C11Samuel BriedenModel independent interpretation of galaxy power spectra
C12Minas KaramanisModern Tools for Robust Cosmological Parameter Inference
D1Lingfeng LiThe Hubble Constant in the Axi-Higgs Universe
D2Nadia DachlythraOn the interplay of half-wave plate & optical systematics with beamconv
D3Fei GeAn Exact Symmetry of CMB Anisotropy and Large-scale Structure Observables and a Relaxing of the Hubble Constant Tension
D4Josh KableConstraining Deviations from ΛCDM by Deconstructing the Planck TT Power Spectrum
D5Andras KovacsA new ISW anomaly from eBOSS super-structures
D6Sujatha RamakrishnanMocks: Assigning Unresolved Halo Properties Using Correlations with Local Halo Environment 
D7Chi TianMetric Reconstruction from Light-cones
D8Qi-Xin XieCharge-Swapping Q-balls
D9Adam AndersonSPT-3G and Future Instruments for the South Pole Telescope
D10Carolina CasadioSMILE: Search for MIlli-LEnses to discriminate between DM models
D11Ayan MitraCosmology with PLaSTiCC Photometric Supernova Ia
D12Stefan SchuldtStrong lens modelling in the LSST era: deep learning vs. traditional modelling
D13Dongwon HanThe Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Delensed Power Spectra and Parameters
D14Jaime Ruiz ZapateroGeometry vs growth: Internal consistency of the flat ΛCDM model with KiDS 1000
D15Hanwool KooCosmology with Type Ia supernovae: Searching for systematics and model independent reconstructions
D16Zachary Curtis-GinsbergOverview of the Radio Neutrino Observatory in Greenland (RNO-G)
E1Keisuke InomataPrimordial Black Holes Arise When The Inflaton Falls
E2Jason KristianoWhy primordial non-Gaussianity must be very small?
E3P. Jishnu SaiPrimordial correlations of gravitons with gauge fields
E4Axel BrandenburgSimulations of helical inflationary magnetogenesis and gravitational waves
E5Simona ProcacciMinimal warm inflation with complete medium response
E6Maria Olalla Olea RomachoFate of electroweak symmetry in the early Universe: Non-restoration and trapped vacua in the N2HDM
E7Sovan SauGeneration of magnetic fields in cosmic string wakes
E8Fabio van DisselOscillons in multi-field theories
E9Mariana Carrillo GonzalezScattering Amplitudes for Binary Systems beyond GR
E10Chon Man SouChemical-potential-assisted particle production in FRW spacetimes
E11Jaakko AnnalaInflation with symmetric Ricci theory in the Palatini formulation
E12Samuel Barroso BellidoEntanglement entropy aEntanglement entropy at critical points in the Multiverset critical points in the Multiverse
E13Yusuke MikuraUV-(in)completion of Palatini-Higgs inflation
E14Qianhang DingUltrahigh-energy Gamma Rays and Gravitational Waves from Primordial Exotic Stellar Bubbles
E15Oem Trivedi Lorentz violating inflation and the Swampland 
E17Xiaoxiao KouOscillon Preheating in Full General Relativity and GWs
E18Emmanuel FrionPrimordial Magnetic Fields in Bouncing Universes
F1Xi TongGravitational Collider Physics via Pulsar–Black Hole Binaries
F2Ivan EstebanNeutrino Long Range Interactions in the Cosmos
F3Kensuke AkitaPrecise Capture Rates of Cosmic Neutrinos and Their Implications on Cosmology
F4Nashwan SabtiWhen FIMPs decay into neutrinos: the Neff story
F5Shota NakagawaCosmic Birefringence Triggered by Dark Matter Domination
F6Kohei FujikuraElectroweak-like Baryogenesis with New Chiral Matter
F7Jaime Hoefken ZinkMass composition modelling at sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
F8Joy GangulyNeutrino mixing by modifying the Yukawa coupling structure of constrained sequential dominance
F9Yu-Dai TsaiResonant Self Interacting Dark Mesons from Hidden QCD
F10Joshua ZieglerAvoiding Pair Instability in Massive Stars by Adding Non-Nuclear Energy
F11Kamal BoraTests of variation of fine structure constant and Cosmic Distance-Duality violation using SPT-SZ clusters
F12Siddhartha BhattacharyyaConstraining fast radio burst population using statistical inference
F13Pranjal RalegankarNeff constraints on portal interactions with hidden sectors
G1Aditya TamarThe Role of Heun Functions and Complex Angular Momentum Techniques in Black Hole Astrophysics
G2Cláudio GomesSurfing a (dark) gravitational wave
G3Emma ClarkeCan we observe QCD phase transition-generated gravitational waves through pulsar timing arrays?
G4Han Gil ChoiProbing diffuse dark matter halos with diffractive lensing of gravitational wave
G5Ilias CholisCan Thorne-Zytkow Objects source GW190814-type events?
G6Jun’ya KumeChiral gravitational effect in the primordial plasma
G7Naritaka OshitaOn the ease-of-excitation of black hole ringing
G8Paolo CremoneseBreaking the mass-sheet degeneracy with gravitational wave interference in lensed events