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The Center for AstroPhysical Surveys (CAPS) is a research unit housed within the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) dedicated to conducting, building, and analyzing data from astrophysical surveys.

The Center is involved in several surveys, including the Dark Energy Survey (DES), producing the most extensive and accurate dark matter map, and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s (VRO) Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), the South Pole Telescope (SPT), and CMB-S4.

CAPS strives to create a diverse, inclusive environment that facilitates collaboration between researchers involved in astrophysical surveys. The Center also seeks to increase accessibility to advanced resources for astrophysical surveys such as high-performance computing, data processing, software development, user experience design, AI solutions, and consultation.

The center is a collaborative effort between NCSA, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, the Department of Astronomy, and the Department of Physics at Illinois which seeks to bring cohesion and facilitate research for astrophysical survey science efforts, both across campus and with external partners.

For information on collaboration opportunities, email