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Computer Resources

CAPS computing resources on the Illinois Campus Cluster

We have a dedicated queue at the Illinois Campus Cluster (ICC, available to CAPS members. These include:

  • caps-main: regular memory nodes:
    • 10 nodes with 40 Intel Xeon 6248 (Cascade Lake) CPU each with 384GB/node (9.6GB/core)
    • 2 nodes with 64 Intel Xeon 8358 (Ice Lake) CPU each with 512GB/node (8.0 GB/core)
  • caps-himem: high-memory nodes:
    • 2 high-memory nodes with 64 AMD EPYC 7713 (128-thread) CPU each with 4TB/node (64GB/core)
    • 1 high-memory node with 128 AMD EPYC 7763 (256-thread) CPU each with 4TB/node (32.0 GB/core)
  • 198TB storage on campus cluster general file system
  • 7.68TB local storage on each node

If you want access to the CAPS/ICC please submit the following two forms:

If you don’t have a netID you will also need to follow this steps:

You can access the documentation for the ICC here:

CAPS Campus Cluster Best Practices

CAPS/ICC queue names:

In order to provide granularity to the ICC/CAPS queues and we have adapted the following structure:
  • caps: all machines (i.e. high-memory node and regular nodes)
  • caps-main: regular nodes 
  • caps-himem: high-memory nodes 

If you have questions about access to the ICC/CAPS allocation, contact Felipe Menanteau (